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The Bhangra Folk classes are taught by us in fun, friendly and interactive manner.The minimum age for registration is 5 Years. Our aim is to create a strong base for the dancer in the field of Folk of Punjab i.e BHANGRA. We offer classes throughout the year. Our trained instructors prepare dance on music and live on Dhol, moreover we also teach other traditional dances like Sammi, Jhummar, Luddi, Jindua ,Giddha and Malwai Giddha and many more other forms.

BHANGRACISE - Fitness Classes

Bhangracise was developed by us as a new exciting way to get yourself fit and in shape whilst having loads of fun at the same time!It's now regarded as one of the most comprehensive full body workouts around. Time magazine even rated Bhangra as the best full body workout on the planet! A number of Bhangra junction classes are being set up across the cities with many recognizing its potential to improve overall health and well being. Its high energy movements provide a stimulating cardiovascular workout as well as being an enjoyable form of dance!


There is no better way to get your team working together and having a great time! Bhangra is perfect for releasing inhibi... More


Bhangra Junction Folk Dance Academy’s mission is to preserve, promote and propose the Punjabi Folk art with devotion and dedication and this mission is only achievable if we are successful in educating our students about the history of the art and why it is performed in the way it is. We take care for complete array of punjab folk in which we teach all traditional dances like Sammi, Jhummar, Luddi, Jindua and Malwai Giddha & Giddha Classes.


We run a range of fun and educational workshops for students of all age groups ! We have been hosting successful workshops around the country for the past years and have a great record of providing an exhilarating, educational experience for all who take part. We tried to integrate our teaching with Performing Art, Maths and undoubtedly with Science.