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About The Bhangra Junction

We Provide Service Since 1989

Bhangra Junction is the best dance classes in Noida. We provide dance program in various dance styles like-bhangra- folk, bhangracise - fitness, corporate workshops, giddha- folk, folk workshop and school & college workshops. We have expert dance trainers for each and every dance form. Our dance trainers are well certified and have experience of many years.

Bhangra Junction team will teach you latest dance moves which will make you a fabulous dancer. The choreography can be challenging but whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced dancer – our classes are for anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to really dance!

What we do

1. Our workshops start with a brief teaching of the heritage and history of Bhangra which is taught in an illustrative and engaging way.

2. We teach and practice the basic dance steps of Bhangra before allowing children to work together in teams to come up with their own Bhangra routines. This leads up to an exciting X-factor style competition.

3. Finally, we finish with a Dhol drumming session, teaching basic beats of the Dhol , before the young people come together and form their own Bhangra Group and band ! Our sessions are proven way to educate children about a different culture differently.